Client Portal

Clients trust professionals to safeguard their sensitive information. Using email is just like sending a postcard. Sensitive information such as SIN, birthdates, and financial information can easily be intercepted and cause serious harm such as identity theft.

In order to send or receive private information to and from our office, please send an email request and we will get you set up with our secure client portal called TaxFolder.

What is TaxFolder?

TaxFolder is a secure, online platform that helps us work virtually with our clients.

Using TaxFolder, we can receive your tax docs securely and then we can upload your completed tax information for review; plus we can request and receive your electronic signatures on forms.

TaxFolder gives us peace of mind by ensuring our clients’ confidential information is secure and protected. Whether requesting signatures or uploading documents, client data is protected using industry-standard security and encryption methods.


For more information about the security of TaxFolder, you can go to their website.